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  • Afghanistan’s Sikhs are subject to ill-treatment

    Afghan Sikhs

    After school graduation in 2010, one of many wishes, Weki and Raj, two Afghan Sikh siblings, had was to attend university and get higher education. But their dreams never turned into reality in Afghanistan, a country where Sikh community is discriminated by majority of hardcore Muslims. Currently, not even a…

  • Life under fear


    Faisal, an employee of a private company, who lives in Khwaja Boghra neighborhood of Khairkhana, says he lives in continuous state of fear of being confronted with robbers. “I feel fear when I leave my work for my home a little bit late,” he stated. Located in the northern neighborhood…

  • Taliban attack in Daikundi forces locals flee homes

    In June 2019, the Taliban insurgents kicked off a campaign to capture southern Kijran district in central Daikundi province. The attack forced thousands of Afghan families flee the area.         Afghanistan’s central province of Daikundi remained one of the safest places in the country in the last 18 years, but as…

  • Foreign policies overshadowed by border conflict

    durand line

    On November 12, 1893, Abdul Rahman Khan, the emir of Afghanistan, in return for cash and military subsidies, signed an agreement with British India that sowed the seed of controversy and unrest in geopolitics of the region. Signed by Sir Mortimer Durand and emir of Kabul, The Duran Line is…