Muhammad Sadiq/EPA, via Shutterstock

Five districts fall to Taliban in Takhar, Jawzjan, Faryab, Paktia, and Samangan

Five more districts have fallen to the Taliban in provinces of Takhar, Jawzjan, Faryab, Paktia, and Samangan. The militants have also seized many ammunitions and took a number of army troops as captives. 

Wafiullah Rahmani, head of Provincial Council in Takhar, confirmed fall of Baharak district 20 kilometers away from Taloqan city, Takhar provincial capital, saying the Taliban have overrun the district around 6:00 PM on Friday, June 18.

The Taliban killed three forces including security director of Baharak district and took 78 forces including police chief for Baharak with them as hostages.

According to him, after four days of conflicts between the Taliban and security forces, the forces have received no reinforcements and surrendered to the Taliban.

Talking to Kabul Now, a government source in Jawzjan province confirmed fall of Mardian district this morning, June 19.

The official, who spoke on anonymous condition, said a number of soldiers were killed and wounded as the result of conflicts between the security and defense forces and the Taliban militants.

The number of casualties however was not specified by the official.

Abdul Manan Qate, a member of Faryab Provincial Council, said the militants have overrun Khwaja Sabz Push district late evening on Friday, June 18.

He said after fall of the district, the conflict between two sides has reached Kata Kam area five kilometers away from Maimana city.

According to two members of Provincial Council in Paktia, after heavy clashes between security and defense forces and the Taliban, the forces withdrew from Mirzakai district of southeastern Paktia province.

This is while, Abdul Munir Rahimi, spokesperson for Samangan police, told Kabul Now that security and defense forces have moved one kilometer away from their previous location.

He said the district building was also relocated due to high security threats and in order to prevent casualties and damages to military equipment.

A security source from the central district Dar e Suf Payin told Kabul Now however that the forces retreated from the district.

The official, who spoke on anonymous condition, said a number of security and defense forces and more than 20 People Uprising Forces were taken as hostages by the Taliban.

Hamed Mubarez, spokesman for Takhar governor, however denied fall of district building and police headquarter in Baharak district. He said the conflict is underway and the district has not yet fallen to the Taliban.

The Taliban confirmed fall of Mirzaka in Paktia, Baharak in Takhar, Dar e Suf Payin in Samangan, and Mardian in Jawzjan. They however have not yet commented on fall of Khawaja Sabz Push district.

Over the past 40 days, the Taliban militants have overrun more than 30 districts across the country.