Government to undertake greening project in Bamyan national park

With the collaboration of the local government, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL) will undertake a greening project in the national park of Band-e-Amir, said a statement issued by the Bamyan governor office on Monday, May 03.

The national park of Band-e-Amir is a tourist destination for tens of thousands of Afghan families and every year during the summer heat Afghan men and women from several provinces of the country go for picnicking in this cool natural scenery.

The MAIL is planning to transform 18,000 hectares of currently sterile land into fertile agricultural one, according to the statement.

The MAIL has undertaken the topography survey of this project, which will cost an estimated 30.5 million USD and will be completed by 2029.

In 2009, the government named Band-e-Amir Lake a national park. Ever since it has attacked thousands of tourists.

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