Bamyan residents demand governor to step down

A number of people held a protest on Tuesday, May 04, in the central Bamyan province demanding the Bamyan governor to step down accusing him of hesitating to approve the appointment of Mohammad Asif Foladi as the mayor of Bamyan city.

The protestors accused Sayed Anwar Rahmati, the governor for Bamyan, of obstructing the appointment of Mr. Foladi. “Disobeying the presidential decree is a crime and Bamyan does not want a criminal governor,” he asserted.

Waseq Hosseini, one of the protestors, told Kabul Now, that they held a protest to demonstrate their protest against the governor’s deliberate act of obstructing.

On April 02, President Ghani appointed Mohammad Asif Foladi as the mayor of Bamyan city but he has not been able to take office until now.

Latif Azimi, the spokesperson for Bamyan governor, however, said the decision on the appointment of Mr. Foladi as a mayor has yet to be finalized. According to him, after Mr. Foladi brought his appointment letter, the local administration received a direction from the central government not to introduce him as mayor until a second notice.

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