Paktia municipality official arrested for demanding USD 15,000 bribe

Head of the construction department at Paktia Municipality was arrested on charges of demanding USD 15,000 from a citizen in return for changing the location of a land lot belonging to the citizen, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) said in a statement issued today, April 06.

The statement noted that the local municipality official was arrested two days ago by operatives of the AGO’s control and maintenance general directorate from the compound of Paktia’s Municipality. The AGO stated that an investigation was underway and the result will be made public soon.

The AGO did not give detail about the identity of the suspect.

Afghan justice and judiciary organs have apparently accelerated investigating corruption cases, including high-profile ones, in recent months.

Late in February, two people, including the director of the procurement department at the Ministry of Education, and the head of Waris Seyar Company, were arrested on charges of corruption on Monday, February 22.

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