Tribunal sentences former commerce minister to one year in prison

A special tribunal for ministers has sentenced former minister of commerce and industry, Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang, to one year in prison and pay 864,000 USD fine on charges of treachery during his tenure as minister, according to a statement issued by the Supreme Court.

“This is to mention that this sentence is decisive and the final,” it stated.

The trial was held in absentia of Mr. Farhang on Tuesday, February 24, and sentenced him to one year of imprisonment and fined him on charges of treachery in extending a property contract for a company exporting raisins products.

According to the statement, Mr. Farhang was acquitted from the charge of law violation due to lack of evidence.

The special tribunal adjourned the decision on the accusation of abuse of authority charged against the former minister due to lack of required evidence.

Afghan justice and judiciary organs have apparently accelerated investigating corruption cases, including high-profile ones, in recent months.

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