Talk to negotiators; Amin Ahmadi

President Ghani has asked Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, a prominent member of the negotiation team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to quit the Doha talks and come back to Kabul, a credible source told Kabul Now.

The source, who talked on condition of anonymity, said that Mr. Ahmadi is likely to leave Doha, capital of Qatar and venue of the intra-Afghan talks, today or tomorrow for Kabul.

This comes after a voice message—attributed to Ahmadi—was leaked to social media in which he predicted that an interim-administration was imminent.

“Forming a joint-government is one of the passages to peace and Dr. Ghani does not have any place in it. Indeed, efforts are focused to save the [current political] system, not the government. The [current] government will be sacrificed and Ghani will be the first sacrifice,” the audio message says.

Mohammad Amin Ahmadi is a member of the government peace negotiating team. He is a staunch advocate of a republic governing system in Afghanistan. He has served as a senior member of legal board at the Ministry of Higher Education and senior member of supreme council at the Ministry of Higher Education.

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