Five Taliban killed, two wounded and 25 arrested in Shakardara

As many as five Taliban militants were killed and two others wounded in a clearance operation by Afghan defense and security forces in Shakardar district of Kabul province, according to the Ministry of Defense (MoD).
25 other militants, including three commanders, were arrested in this operation.
In a statement issued today, August 17, the MoD noted that Shakardara district has been cleared from the presence of the Taliban in this operation.
The statement stated that Afghan defense and security forces have also seized a significant amount of munitions and weaponry.
Shakardara is a restive district of Kabul where the Taliban militants recently have shown active insurgency and boosted up its militancy.
The ministry, however, did not provide details whether the Afghan security forces suffered casualties or not.
On the other hand, a local source confirmed to Kabul Now that three government forces were killed and four others arrested in Taliban attack in Dawlatyar district of the central Ghor province.

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