In June 2019, the Taliban insurgents kicked off a campaign to capture southern Kijran district in central Daikundi province. The attack forced thousands of Afghan families flee the area.        

Afghanistan’s central province of Daikundi remained one of the safest places in the country in the last 18 years, but as recent as June 2019, the Taliban insurgents conducted strong offensives on security check posts in Kijran district, claiming lives of reportedly 23 Afghan security forces and wounded 32 others. 

The Taliban attacks have displaced thousands of the innocent residents and poor families in remote villages of Kijran district. Sakina Ehsani, spokesperson for the governor office of Daikundi, said that at least 1,800 families were forced to flee their homes and leave their livestock and properties behind.     

“The displaced people are mostly women, children, and elderly people,” said Juma Paykan, a resident of the district. “They need urgent aid and nobody has yet helped them to have shelters and food.”  

Ehsani however claimed that food were distributed to 1000 internally displaced families and they put continuous efforts to collect information about the IDPs, and provide them with aid. 

Locals in Kijran said the people were left defenseless against the armed Taliban insurgents in the ongoing battle fought between the Afghan government forces and the Taliban insurgents. 

“The Taliban fighters ambush security forces, attack and run away,” said Sajjad Hassan Hussaini, a local resident. “People have left their villages. Taliban launch deadly attacks and the government keeps silent. I don’t know for how long we can endure this suffering.”  

Local officials claimed that reinforcement forces were deployed to the area to push the Taliban back. Khulam Sakhi Khalili, a local elder, confirmed that as many as 155 Afghan security forces, including members of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, have reached in the area. 

The reinforcement forces joined by 250 police and 120 army soldiers have stationed in the district. Though a total number of 500 Afghan security forces are in Kijran the Taliban are still in control of the area.        

Ghairat Jawaheri, member of the provincial council in Daikundi, said Taliban’s senior officials were leading the fight against the security forces. He said that as many as 1,200 Taliban insurgents are fighting against the security forces.

“The Taliban’s Quetta council issued a decree to capture Kijran district of Daikundi province,” said an Afghan security official, on condition of anonymity.   

On 24 June, the Taliban insurgents launched attack on security forces in Padgag and Sank Haidar Beg in Kijran district, killing seven local police and wounding 16 others.  The group took over a number of the security check-points. 

On June 28, the Taliban fighters stormed security checkpoints in Padgag and Baladasht villages of the district, where six Afghans security forces lost their lives and three others were wounded. Two days later, the Taliban launched another offensive in Menar village of the district, killing three Afghan army members and three local police. They launched their fourth attack in Saiasank and Bazar Mushtarak villages of the district, in which three security forces were killed and nine others were wounded. 

“In clash between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban, the security forces killed 80 fighters of the Taliban,” said Ehsani. He added some fighters of the Taliban were wounded.

According to local, the Taliban were stationed in the area to take control of the strategic district which borders with Helmand, Kandahar, and Urozgan provinces.  The district connects the southern region of the country to the north area of Afghanistan. 

“The Taliban are determined to overrun the district,” said Jawaheri. “If they capture the district, it would be easy for them to deploy fighters across the country.”

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